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If God is for Pacquiao, is He therefore against dela Hoya?
November 23, 2008, 3:46 pm
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manny-prayerThis Nike ad begs the question: if God is for Pacquiao, is He therefore against dela Hoya? Or if dela Hoya should win, is God then against Pacquiao?

The quick and suitably pious answer is that whoever wins is the boxer God wanted to win. But that’s just a lame excuse for determinism, isn’t it? What that statement really means is that whoever wins is the one who was supposed to win. In other words, the part where God is roped into the excuse for losing is nothing but bullshit.

The theological and philosophical baggage aside, this is a good advert. It keys into the Filipino’s superstitious spirituality. We like to think of ourselves as good catholics in the Roman tradition, don’t we? The truth is that we have more in common with Haitian-type christianity than we might care to admit. And this advert takes advantage of that.

Unfortunately, I think Pacquiao (and by extension for the legions of Pacquiao faithful, God as well) will disappoint. My guess is that Pacquiao will either lose or the match will end in a draw. After all, a loss would not serve either fighter. 

So take it easy on God, eh fight fans?